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2024 and Beyond Prophecies – Chris Reed | MorningStar Ministries

“So goes Israel so goes America. I saw the twelve dormant terrorist sleeper cells in America. I had the dream within hours of October 7, 2023 attacks by Hamas in Israel. Many other top prophetic voice started seeing the same thing. The Lord showed me as others that this can be lessened with our prayers and how we vote. “

“Chinese bribery and foreign money being exposed involving the Hunter Biden laptop and business dealings. President Biden’s health will progressively continue to regress. Right now the liberal media and Democratic Party is frantically behind the scenes; and I have good sources, they are trying to figure out if he can actually run [in the 2024 Presidential election] again or not. Many of them are ready to throw him under the bus now.”

“We want to prevent with our prayers and actions to avert disasters if it’s possible. I think the Lord lets us see enough of the Prophetic to say ‘I can trust this and I should be praying about this.’”

Coming in 2024……

“Two children of the Cold War will be removed and taken out of power. Biden will be taken out of power and so will Putin, pretty soon and both will happen fairly close together. I still contend and believe that Joe Biden’s days are numbered. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened close to the November 5th election. And there will be a scramble for what to do and how to handle it. I still believe that Joe Biden will not finish his allotted time in office and Putin’s reign will also come to an end. Think about it….the President of Russia and the President of the United States, in a fairly close together amount of time; both come out of power unexpectedly. Nobody is outside the power of the Cross.”

“I saw a devastating earthquake hit the nation of Italy. It was a sign of the very shaking at Rome and at the Vatican. The year of the vicinity of time when that earthquake happens will also be the time when the shaking will happen with the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church and there will be leaders who will be leaders no more. The current Pope just gave priests and bishops the right to bless same sex couples. The physical shaking will be a sign of the shaking of the institution itself.”

Artificial Intelligence will be good and bad. In the wrong hands it can lead to breaches in intelligence agencies tampering with power grids and infrastructures. It the right hands it will lead to great medical cures in the next bit of time.”

A royal family prophecy of deep depression for Andrew. There would be a prince that would pass…that would be prince Phillip, the Queen’s husband, who passed. There is another prince who comes to a near-death experience. Something would happen or change him that he would become a new man as his live was spared. I believe this is Prince Andrew. There is a list of people who were associated with Jeffrey Epstein. I saw great depression come upon Prince Andrew. He will overreact to a culmination of events. Several things, the loss of his mother the Queen, legal troubles, the loss of King Charles’ support and will fall into a real potential mental health crisis and depression to where he will be strongly tempted to harm himself or take his life.”

“Sadly, I think Prince Harry and Megan will not stay together. He will see he was played a fool.“

“China will try to militarily attack Taiwan. I saw a naval conflict in the South China Sea in a striking situation. Particularly China will be balmed and claim as an accident. Pray against war. We currently [Joe Biden] do not have a wartime president. We are already in a war with China we just don’t know it yet. The first shot that was fired was out of a lab [SARS Covid-19].”

“Gavin Newsom and Elizabeth Warren will set their sights on the White House once Biden is out.”

“I saw a major earthquake in California that will affect almost the entire state. Not just these small cluster earthquakes but this will be an historic earthquake in its size and magnitude. One of the things that God is doing is shaking the bonds of wickedness off California. To do that the earth literally will shake to break free the entrenched deep principalities that are attached to the geography of that area particularly Hollywood. Remember that….2024 or shortly thereafter I see a major earthquake that will affect California.”

“January 6th what really happened there. Not what the media told us. I’m not saying that everyone there who shares the same political ideology I do did everything right. I do think that January 6th will be reexamined with new found information. This date will be seen as a clandestine operation with foreign money peddling it’s influence -Iranian, Chinese, Russian money as well. I think Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is going to release the tapes. I promise you in an election year it’s going to cause people to have less and less sympathy on these insurrection charges.”

“I see we are on the verge of a major move of God in Russia that will lead to mass conversions and the turning of a nation to God. Amen”

“Senator Mitch McConnell’s career in the Senate is soon to be over. Health and age will require him to go out. His stepping down as the Senate Minority Leader will ultimately begin the de-institutionalization of conservative in the Republican Party. Nobody will ever be able to win the Republican nomination as President running on the same platform that they ran on before Trump came into the picture.”

“I saw a mass attack on a migrant caravan south of the US border. It was not good. Criminal activity. What I ascertain from the vision is this was the Cartel’s way of showing revenge to maintain domination as a way to say, ‘you either go through us or you don’t go at all’.”

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have an awakening to reality due to a disturbing event he is associated with. It may have to do with the Jeffrey Epstein list. Even if it is not direct there will be associations and connections that will ultimately turn the Canadian people against him.”

“A candidate for President will experience an assassination attempt. We are praying against that no matter who it is. Whichever side gets attacked is going to gain sympathy. We need to pray that nobody tampers with how people vote.”

“The Palmetto State (South Carolina) will produce someone who will be on a presidential ticket. [Nikki Haley]”

“Benjamin Netanyahu’s time as the Prime Minister of Israel is almost over. The war will enlarge to Israel’s North and East to not just fight Hamas but Hezbollah in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. We need to be praying for the right leader to replace him when that time comes.”

“There is a new Axis of Evil. Iran, China and Russia. They will unite economically and with exchange of arms and they will stand against the US and Israel. We just need to pray that whatever ties are binding those nations together are just severed in the Name of the Lord Jesus.”

“Germany and Belgium. I saw two countries with a similar flag, similar colors and patterns who share a pipeline. I heard ‘A leader to stumble; a deal to crumble, leaders of Europe continue to rise and fall.’“

“This is now the third year I’ve said this: “A woman of color will come alongside Donald Trump to help him in his 2024 campaign. It looks like it may be Nicki Haley. She was the governor of South Carolina, and she is also Indian. But it may not be her also. I also wondered if it could be the former congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard. I wasn’t allowed to see the face but I knew this woman of color would come alongside him [Trump] and help him win over people with the desire ultimately to take him to victory.”

“China is on the verge of crumbling. The media does not project it that way, but there will be an internal revolution. In fact, I believe SARS Covid-19 was released to stop them from rioting and bringing about a revolution in 2020. That is why the strict harsh lockdowns occurred. The below ground Church is about the see above ground results. Freedom. A major marker of this internal revolution will be the end of Xi Jinping’s rule. China is about to invade Taiwan. Russia would invade Ukraine and China would invade Taiwan for the purpose of the bully Marxist spirit that was trying to rise up with totalitarian power in the earth.”

“How many indictments did Hunter Biden recently get? 7 or 8 times with three of them being felonies. He is looking at 17 years in prison. The Hunter Biden case will take a center place in the news and tremendously hurt his father President Joe Biden. Biden will lose power and will be out before the 2024 election is held. He will fall and Kamilla Harris will be in power a short time.”

2024 is the year of the open door – Bobby Conner | MorningStar Ministries

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