AR Pistol SHTF BugOut Adventure to Live

AR Pistol SHTF BugOut Adventure to Live

I am in the unique position of not having to ask my wife if I can buy a firearm

John Eldredge in his book Wild At Heart lays out three pillars for the male journey.

1. A Battle to Fight
2. A Beauty to Rescue
3. An Adventure to Live.

I have none of those at the moment.
I just came out of a Battle.
There is no wife, significant other or Beauty to Rescue.

All I have left is reinventing and reconstructing an Adventure to Live.

My current Adventure then (because I am making this up as I go along) is having acquired a…


… #badass AR Pistol from Palmetto State Armory that is a last ditch spray n’ go SHTF / Bugout critical incident exit resource …

with a SIG Romeo 5 Red Dot optic.  Very nice.

(Add-ons: Binary® Triggers – Franklin Armory® | 7 Best AR-15 Muzzle Brakes & Compensators – Pew Pew Tactical | MAGPUL PMAG D-60 ROUND MAGAZINE AR/M4 5.56X45 – MAG576-BLK – Palmetto State Armory | Winchester .556 M855 Green Tip FMJ 62gr USA White Box Bulk Ammo – Cabela’s )

… for some kind of civil unrest / rioting scenario real or imagined on an out of town road trip, for example, based on an EMP device shutting down the power grid producing a societal fallback to the stone age.


Thusly then the BLEM PSA 10.5″ CARBINE-LENGTH 5.56 NATO 1/7 PHOSPHATE 9″ LIGHTWEIGHT M-LOK MOE EPT SBA3 PISTOL as stated above is a last ditch exit plan against violent mobs and gang marauders under panic during a catastrophic…


….event that destroys the existing institutions and norms of society.

One Second After by William Forstchen

I can imagine a scenario like my road trip this Summer. I am minding my own business in Kingman, Arizona having just left the urban zone of Southern California, filling up on high dollar gas in Barstow.

PSA AR Pistol Review – PSA 10.5″ 5.56 NATO

The “event” occurs. Stuck in Kingman. As the news hits travelers cell phones hope to your Higher Power that you are near a TA or Love’s Travel Plaza for gas and supplies. Or you had enough foresight to carry enough survival / bugout supplies in your vehicle in the middle of the desert especially if you are 2000 plus miles from you home.

#tactical #prepper #bugout

Tactical Weight Bearing Harness Kit – Item Load Talk for Desert, Wilderness and Urban Prepper Bugout

As stated above I am in a unique position because I am currently a Lone Wolf. I have no family, no wife, no career, no debt, no place to go and nothing to lose. Thusly my Adventure with the AR-Pistol is it’s availability and usage as a countermeasure. It could be described as a Loud Noise .556 Cancel Culture showpiece if you will; a deterrent for the rioting masses; “move along citizen”, “clear out”, “make a hole”, “let me through”.

Did you see the movie, The Book of Eli? He uses a machete there but you can imagine him equipped with the item under discussion. Watch this scene. Adventure to Live