Equality Act – H.R. 5; S. 393 – Promotes Homosexual, Bisexual, Transvestite, Transexual and any LGBTQ Deviant Paraphilia Behaviors.

The “Q” in LGBTQ incorporates around 550 explicitly degenerate “paraphilias”- – including pedophilia- – that will become ensured classes under the terribly misnamed “Equality Act“!

The “Equality Act” is a Pandora’s Box of malicious that will embed itself into scores of government laws, abrogate all state and neighborhood laws, and power strict organizations to acknowledge and advance gay, sexually open, cross dresser, transexual and any of the almost 550 freak paraphilia practices.

The measure will insert itself into scores of federal laws, override all state and local laws, and force religious institutions to accept and promote homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, transexual and any of the nearly 550 deviant paraphilia behaviors.

The Equality Act – How Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Affect You

The alleged “Equality Act” will decimate Christian schools from pre-K through school. Resistant schools will lose tax exception (counting government, state and property) and accreditation. Loss of accreditation will be the demise of most Christian schools and colleges.

The Equality Act Accelerates Anti-Christian Bias

The Equality Act: What Christians need to know

The Equality Act Is Set to Destroy Religious Freedom

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What’s more, the activist gathering LGBTQ Nation composed, “…the Q in LGBTQ can likewise mean other sexual directions and sexes not covered by the abbreviation’s first letters. In case you’re sexually impartial, non-double, agender, genderfluid, pansexual, abiogenetic, solosexual or something different not covered by LGBT, the Q has got you covered!”

The rise of the “solosexual”: How millennials are rewriting the rules of sexuality

What’s the Real Difference between Bi- and Pansexual?

Five years prior, Target stores executed an arrangement that permits men in women’s changing areas and restrooms. Regardless of public clamor, a few stores and schools followed after accordingly for the sake of “balance.”

In those days, we cautioned that permitting men into ladies’ private offices would be perilous to ladies, youngsters and society. We cautioned that sick people, sharks and kid molesters would exploit this alleged “fairness” to mislead blameless young ladies and ladies.

The LGBT and Q secrecy completely ridiculed such worries as delirium.

After five years, and the rundown of wrongdoings against ladies and youngsters is faltering.

In Rhinelander, Wisconsin, 18-year-old Austin Sauer was captured for fourth-degree rape, youngster temptation and presenting his private parts to a kid in the school washroom.

In Sterling, Virginia, a stripped man was pursued from the women’s public venue after he had been found peeping at young ladies changing in the storage space.

In Casper, Wyoming, drag queen Miguel Martinez was sentenced for first-and second-degree sexual maltreatment in the wake of assaulting a 10-year-old young lady in the restroom.

In Glen Burnie, Maryland, 39-year-old Frank Pratt was captured for attacking two ladies in a Target restroom. Pratt had additionally been smoking PCP in the washroom slows down.

In Potomac Mills, Virginia, 30-year-old Richard Rodriguez dressed as a lady to get access to a few women’s rooms in and out of town where he would secretly film ladies in different phases of disrobe.

In Chicago, Illinois, 33-year-old Reese Hartstein tricked a 8-year-old young lady into a restroom, gagged her until she was oblivious, and was conveying the kid into a washroom slow down to assault her when he was gotten.

In Ontario, California, soon after Canada passed its own “sexual orientation character” law, 37-year-old Christopher Hambrook utilized the enactment to go after the powerless. Hambrook wore ladies’ dresses and utilized the name “Jessica” to access two region ladies’ asylums. Once in, Hambrook explicitly attacked a hard of hearing lady and endeavored to assault another lady. Going after the vulnerable was not new to Hambrook, who invested energy in jail for assaulting a 5-year-old youngster and a 27-year-old simple-minded lady.

Unfortunately, there are more—some more—accounts of sexual degenerates manhandling “sex character” approaches to hurt ladies and kids.

We can hope to see episodes like this detonate, as all organizations, schools, stores and even houses of worship will be compelled to permit men in the women’s bathrooms, storage spaces, havens and the sky is the limit from there.

That, however the Senate variant of the “Equality Act” explicitly ensures, by name—”strange,” a term that, by definition, incorporates almost 550 degenerate sexual “paraphilias”— including brutishness and pedophilia.

Would you be able to envision a sentenced youngster molester requesting the “right” to function as a preschool instructor?

Would you be able to envision a cross dresser requesting the “right” to be recruited as your new church secretary?

A Texas library permitted a man in drag to peruse to little youngsters during “Story Hour.” Turns out, this man was a sentenced pedophile.

Every one of these depravities (and some more) will get uncommon insurance that bests anybody or any association that stands up to. Whenever passed, there is no way around it. The bill explicitly expresses that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) won’t matter.

Nobody will be permitted to guarantee strict exclusion under RFRA. Everybody will be compelled to consent—or face monstrous segregation claims and oppression from the U.S. Division of Justice.

In the Senate hearings, LGBTQ mouthpieces attempted to guarantee that the new “Equality Act” doesn’t hurt holy places and strict opportunity in any capacity.

Hearing these falsehoods, Sen. Lindsey Graham had enough. He pushed Alphonso David into a tight spot until the leader of the extreme Human Rights Campaign conceded—indeed, the “Equality Act” applies to churches.

In fact, there is a whole association committed to normalizing pedophilia in America. B4U-ACT is a “collective exertion of psychological well-being experts and individuals who are attracted to kids or young people” with the objective “to teach general society in regards to issues looked by these people.” The new code word for pedophile is a “minor-attracted individual.”

Urgent Prayer Alert From Franklin Graham on the Equality Act

In the event that the Senate were to pass Speaker Pelosi’s bill and Democratic President Joe Biden were to sign it into law, it would release extremist dissidents to assault those whose confidence instructs that marriage is just between one man and one lady and that the sexual personality of guys and females is a fixed, organic fact.

The Senate form expresses the “Q” in LGBTQ means “Eccentric.” This word covers the whole universe of “sexual directions” outside of LGBT- – which implies it incorporates “minor attracted people” (pedophilia). This isn’t a misrepresentation! Each freak conduct is covered by the “Q.”

Envision your kids at chapel or Christian school being instructed by a male “cross dresser,” and the congregation and school is weak to say, “No, this abuses our scriptural convictions!” Seems fantastical? It’s definitely not.

In addition to other things, the “Equality Act” will imply that:

Organic men will reserve the “option” to utilize ladies’ restrooms, showers and storage spaces – even in schools.

Houses of worship will be compelled to give equivalent admittance to LGBTQ functions if the offices are available to characteristic wedding services.

Churches and private schools would be compelled to employ staff associated with LGBTQ lead; give men admittance to bathrooms, storage spaces, showers and sports; permit young men to bunk with young ladies on outdoors and overnight outings; and give protection to cover chemicals, ravaging medical procedures, and synthetic and careful early terminations.

Think the “Equality Act” Will Spare Churches and Religious Schools? Think Again.

Resistant churches and schools will lose federal, state and local exclusions and accreditations.

From pre-K, kids will be trained that they can pick their sexual orientation, will be urged to explore different avenues regarding each other to discover their “characters” and will actually want to request inverse, both and neither sex pronouns (he for a young lady, zie for not one or the other, mx for both).

Pregnancy focuses will be compelled to give fetus removal references.

We actually have an instance of a rudimentary instructor in Madison, Wisconsin, who sent the K-5 kids a video advising the youths to at this point don’t allude to him as “Mr.” From consequently, they should allude to him as “Mx.” since he is “neither male nor female.” He says he is “both, and once in a while not one or the other.”

On the off chance that this individual, who presently passes by “Mx. Steele,” showed your youngsters in your congregation or school, HR 5 would give him the legitimate option to do what he did in this government funded school. Opposition would bring about claims by the state head legal officer and private people for “separation.”

Mx. Steel, Male Penetration, & The New Normal


Chris Weaver drove “love” at his “congregation” in New York called Zoe Ministries. However Chris would go directly from chapel to put on cosmetics and act in haul as “Nedra Belle” at neighborhood particular bars.

He even boasted to a columnist, “Tune in, the kids should be prepared” for his cross dresser exhibition as “Nedra Belle.”

By government declaration, entrepreneurs, representatives, and clients the same will be dependent upon an extremist LGBT plan:

Female entrepreneurs, clients, and workers would be compelled to share spaces in bathrooms and changing areas with men who guarantee to be ladies.

Ladies’ games would be compelled to open up to the cooperation of men who guarantee to be ladies.

Medical care suppliers and experts would be compelled to perform sex change operations and offer clinical types of assistance (chemical treatment) that would disregard their good and strict feelings.

Selection and child care organizations will be compelled to put kids into same sex families and into the homes of people experiencing sex disarray.

School and elite athletics arenas would be needed to open their bathrooms to one or the other sex.

A Christian Perspective on the EQUALITY Act: What’s in it & How it Affects YOU

The Democratic Party has obviously spread out its goal to drive Christians to submit to revolutionary sexual deviancy. The Party’s foundation expressed, “We uphold a reformist vision of strict opportunity that regards pluralism and rejects the abuse of religion to segregate.”

The “reformist vision” of strict freedom for Democrats was clarified by Chai Feldblum, the previous official of the Obama organization’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Feldblum marked out the perspective on the Democratic Party when she said:

“I’m struggling thinking of any case in which strict freedom should win. … Sexual freedom should win by and large. There can be a contention between strict freedom and sexual freedom, however in practically all cases the sexual freedom should win since that is the solitary way that the poise of gay individuals can be certified in any reasonable way.

To begin with, the bill will expect schools to acknowledge fetus removal. Schools that offer health care coverage for understudies should incorporate fetus removal.

Second, the bill forces LGBTQ into each side of the school. This incorporates “Q”— which the bill says means “Strange”— every one of the almost 550 paraphilias (counting pedophilia). This applies to staff, instructors, bathrooms, storage spaces, showers, quarters, sports and that’s just the beginning.

In 1993, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was passed collectively in the House, 97-3 in the Senate and was endorsed into law by President Bill Clinton. It was upheld by dissidents, preservationists, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It was supported in the Senate by Chuck Schumer, who presently needs to renounce it for LGBTQ and early termination.

Updates and More…..

Mr. Clay Scott Francis portrays himself as an agnostic, a pleasure seeker, a witch and a “unusual transsexual.” Despite his absence of a “plumbing overhaul” (his words), this moderately aged natural male demands he is a not a man or a lady but rather a “young lady” … a “young lady” who ought to be permitted to steam bare with real little youngsters.

We were first made mindful of Mr. Francis after he presented himself to a young ladies’ childhood swimming club in Washington state.

On the day being referred to, Mr. Francis stripped exposed without even a towel to cover himself. He sat in the young ladies’ sauna, legs spread and male genitalia presented for all to see as he watched the young ladies roll in from swim practice.

One of the colleagues, a 17-year-old young lady, was set out toward a shower when she saw the exposed man spread out in the young ladies’ sauna. The young lady escaped the storage space for help.

Swim mentor Tiffany Wright quickly stood up to Mr. Francis. As indicated by the police report, Miss Wright entered the young ladies’ sauna at which time she noticed Mr. Francis sitting revealed, with legs spread wide and “male genitalia appearing.” Miss Wright told Mr. Francis, “You need to leave,” at that point asked school staff to call the police.

Meanwhile, one of Mr. Francis’ companions called the grounds to whine that Francis’ “female personality” had been raised doubt about. Unexpectedly, rather than tributes for securing the little youngsters in her charge, the swim mentor was blamed for extremism for setting out to have a problem with a completely mature, bare male presenting himself to these young ladies.

Mr. Francis, who now and again passes by the alias “Raven,” talks about his sexual corruptions and “requirements” in detail on different dating sites that oblige degenerate conduct. Francis considers himself a “sexual individual” requiring “customary sexual action” to “feel more adjusted and sound.”

It isn’t difficult to infer that lacking willing accomplices, Mr. Scott “Fae Raven” Francis may decide to get his customary “movement” through voyeurism, or far more atrocious, in the nearby young ladies’ storage space.

Incidentally, Mr. Francis needs nothing to do with men. His “OKCupid” passage states unequivocally: “Don’t CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE A MAN.”

However, Francis has no compunctions about driving his masculinity on others without wanting to. Truth be told, Francis claims he has the privilege to uncover himself, even to young ladies. “This isn’t 1959 Alabama,” he told nearby news media. “We don’t call the police for drinking from some unacceptable drinking fountain.”

Francis’ words around 1959 Alabama clarify what we have cautioned pretty much up and down—that sexual degenerates would need to highjack racial correspondence laws for their own debased use.

Fairness laws were intended to secure racial minorities and ladies, yet the new “Equity Act” obliterates both.

Furthermore, if this purported “Uniformity Act” passes, there will be NO security for guardians attempting to keep up their youngsters’ honesty. There will be NO security for Christians who talk scriptural realities and logical realities about sex and appropriate human relations. There will be NO assurance for Christian holy places or schools that won’t permit freak distorts in the homeroom.

The bill additionally ensures the repercussions of sexual deviancy by making the homicide of unborn youngsters, also known as early termination, a government right. In this manner, there will likewise be NO security for emergency pregnancy focuses that won’t suggest early terminations, or for anybody to call fetus removal what it is—murder!

Everybody, even those with profoundly held strict convictions, will be compelled to bow to the total of the LGBTQ and fetus removal entryways’ plans.

The “Equity Act” renounces strict opportunity insurances, leaving just sexual degenerates and infant killers as secured classes.


Dr. Levine who is an extreme supporter for the gay and transsexual plan. He is a natural male who distinguishes as female or a transsexual female as the socially sensitive culture characterizes it.

Our companions at Family Research Council (FRC) have created an investigation (https://downloads.frc.org/EF/EF21B45.pdf) of Levine’s extreme perspectives on young adult sexuality that incorporates genital mutilation for sex change purposes and the standardization of and support for transsexual philosophy among school-matured youngsters. FRC’s investigation states:

Levine clarified (in a 2017 discourse at Franklin and Marshall College)

that the current conventions for sexual orientation dysphoric youth include recommending adolescence blockers during the main phases of pubescence, and afterward presenting cross-sex chemicals between the ages of 14 and 16 after kept directing. At that point, around age 18, the patient may go through (genital mutilation and remaking) medical procedure. In any case, Levine noticed that there are exemptions, proposing that specific conditions license performing surgeries even on patients younger than 18.

Levine’s philosophy and approaches on human sexuality are exceptionally extraordinary and dangerous, and these perspectives on kid sexuality will most definitely be fused at the Department of Health should Levine be affirmed by the Senate.

During Levin’s hearing before the U.S. Senate Health Committee, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) said that as a country we’ve seen “in the course of the last 10-12 years an ever increasing number of issues with psychological wellness with our youngsters.” Tuberville at that point asked Levine, “What do you think’s the response to that?”

Levine replied by saying, “I think we need avoidance projects to forestall emotional well-being issues in our schools… . [W]e need anticipation programs in our networks and local area wellbeing focuses and admittance to treatment.” Levine’s answer for the counteraction of and treatment for kid psychological wellness issues identified with sexual personality would probably join a revolutionary transsexual philosophy as a medical services standard.

Levine’s way to deal with forestalling kid emotional wellness issues by asserting and normalizing transsexual philosophy would sustain and intensify the issue. For Levine, disarray about a youngster’s sexual character would at this point don’t be addressed by essentially guiding a kid that his/her sexual personality is a fixed, organic reality decided at origination. All things considered, Biden’s HHS candidate would lead youngsters down an informal and damaging way. Levine would say the answer for sexual disarray among youngsters is counsel them to announce their own sexual personality independent of their organic sex.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) likewise brought up difficult issues during the Senate Health Committee

catching wind of Levine’s promotion for genital mutilation. During Senator Paul’s trade, Levine would not criticize this bizarre demonstration.

John Hagee Homosexuality, Alternative or Abomination 1996