SHTF Apocalypse Prepper and Bug Out EMP Grid Down Thriller Books

Post Apocalypse SHTF Books on Bug Out, Prepper and EMP Grid Down Survival

Look, utter chaos and destruction, post Apocalypse SHTF on a scale we have never seen before in this country, except perhaps on 9/11/2001, will rip apart our culture and society forcibly plunging prepper and non-prepper citizens into a raw primal animal, bug out and EMP Grid Down Survival existence.

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In recent days the Covid-19 lockdowns, immediately out of the starting gate in March of 2020, shined a spotlight directly on the fundamental elements of survival. Toilet paper….Yes…hoarding toilet paper, clorox, wipes, hand sanitizer, vitamin c.

The lowest common denominator will be the fear of being without alcohol, opioids, lottery tickets, cigarettes, gas, cell phone data and toilet paper.

When the SHTF, not if but when, will, in the literal first 8 minutes of news alerts and texts from friends and family that the “Big One” hit; (IF cell phones still work – If no then you are going to be dependent for information from Ham Radio Operators) whether that is a small dirty nuke, EMP power grid destruction, civil war, volcanic eruption, whatever; when those news alerts hit your cell phone, you have about two of those first eight minutes to get a grip.

Thus, you must always be in a paranoid state of alertness and constantly prepped up – in your head, in your body, in your trunk.

METRO EXODUS – Official Cinematic Trailer

Because I’m telling you this right now, you do not want to be anywhere near, for example, a Walmart Super Center; panic, fear, hoarding, bedlam, fighting; and then at minute number 3 the hidden weapons will start coming out from those in the store already armed on their persons or from inside vehicles in the lot, shots will be fired, but here at minute three there may still be some time. As the news text alerts progress people will begin to sense deep panic, move faster causing injury, trips and falls increasing blockage in aisles as people stampede for toilet paper, water, cat food, soup.

At minute 6, as the extreme mass panic at the checkout lines morphs in to “Black Friday on Steroids” chaos; people will simply bypass the checkout register and storm the gates and out the front door. This is the lynchpin, the “apogee of destruction” let’s call it; upon which civil society disintegrates – when previously law abiding citizens, those who abide by the adage that you are not supposed to exit a retail establishment without first paying for stuff – in fact, exit out the front door.

At minute 8 the parking lot will clog up. Cars can’t get in or out. This log jam and bottleneck will become a killing ground for road rage, crashes, thugs, looters as formerly civil citizens will become forced witnesses with a free a front row seat for the EMP (or whatever) Post Apocalypse stage show called “The Dark Ages”.

It’s coming and it’s coming fast. You have 8 minutes to get out. A lot of people are going to die. But you will live.

The Last Outpost: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller – Jay J. Falconer

The Last Outpost: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

A World Decimated by Volcanoes…Humanity Nearly Extinct…Only Armed Camps Remain…

Stuart Edison thought he’d fabricated an idiot proof underground fort that could endure any end of the world. Tragically for him and his local area, he wasn’t right. As their assets decrease and craving groups swarm the scene, a heartless assailant group drove by the notorious Simon Frost compromises them. He has the muscle and the capability to assume control over the complex and change the destiny of mankind for eternity.

The Event – the concurrent emission of 91 volcanoes around the globe. Thick billows of debris filled the skies like a sweeping, impeding the Sun’s light and warmth. Result – a smaller than expected Ice Age. A frozen existence where everything passed on. What’s more, anybody. The frail and the defenseless were the first to go. Yearning groups meandered the urban areas, executing and burglarizing everybody and each spot they experienced. Frantic and starving, some depended on savagery, turning out to be Scabs – carnal and perilous survivors who chased in packs. Different gatherings of survivors discovered approaches to shield, approaches to rummage supplies from encompassing structures.

In the end the sun got through and the world started to gradually warm. A young lady named Summer was a Seeker, a scrounger who scanned a territory for consumables and required supplies. Summer is the core of the story similar to the abandoned rocket storehouse refitted into living quarters, driven by a hopeful elderly person known as the Professor. The characters are three dimensional, in a split second perceived as loved ones, or as adversaries and enemies. The storyline for this dystopian tragic world is emotional, conceivable and enough activity to keep me stuck to the pages late into the evening.

Into The Dark – Robert J. Walker

Into The Dark - EMP Chaos

What happens when an EMP sends the West Coast once more into the stone age? Following an enormous EMP strike against the country’s force networks, Frank Tilley faces the frightening bedlam of a weak world. With his trusty canine close by, he sets out on a risky excursion to save his grandkids from a dangerous destiny.

Fiendish victories when great individuals sit idle. With the force of diligence and arranging, great individuals can win over wickedness. This is an activity stuffed story with very great character improvement. This book is grasping and loaded with activity and tension. It has everything! Trouble makers, great individuals, kids and an exceptional canine. All battling to get by in risky occasions after an EMP strike and in an aloof desert environment.

EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots: A Story of Survival – #1 Jonathan Hollerman

EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots: A Story of Survival

EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots is a nerve racking story of endurance following the decimation of the electric network and virtually every electronic gadget in the country. A sensible portrayal of tumult immediately welcomed on by loss of power. Would you be able to envision a world without any telephones, no TV, no web, and no real way to get to your financial balance? Without the electric network, there would be no lights, no warming or cooling in your home, no open water, and the sewer would probably back up into your home. Without present day vehicles or highway shipping, the grocery stores would immediately run out of food and supplies. Ill-equipped, the public authority would be powerless to take care of the majority and keep everything under control. Our humankind is addressed when natural selection becomes reality. Jonathan Hollerman paints a striking and upsetting image of society self-destructing after an Electromagnetic Pulse assault against our country. This isn’t just an exciting story, however offers functional life-saving guidance for an inescapable danger.

In contrast to a great deal of TEOTWAWKI books, it didn’t highlight gigantic fights and an enormous on screen body check. Clashes were limited scale, restricted, and sensible. Heroes were flawed individuals attempting to endure morally, and trouble makers were generally standard individuals making terrible/untrustworthy decisions, not vindictive driving forces. The danger is deliberately contemplated, considering in human edginess and the impacts of horde conduct. This is the account of endurance that happens in southwestern Pennsylvania after an obvious EMP coming about because of an atomic gadget explosion. The follows a wedded couple as they continue to advance out of suburbia and towards the ranch of their more distant family. The couple is generally decidedly ready in to such an extent as the principle character’s previous vocation was that of a flying corps SERE teacher who has some point of view with regards to catastrophe readiness. The story isn’t excessively intricate in its degree of understanding trouble, none the less, I wound up getting uneasiness as I read through sections of encounter and pressures. I would contend that some may say this story illustrates reality post EMP, however making a stride back and logically taking a gander at the circumstance (being from Southwestern PA), it appears to be quite exact. In the case of nothing else, it certainly adds some point of view and may fill in as a shocker to how terrible an occasion like this would be and why we should pursue keeping these kinds of occasions from occurring.

Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations

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Notwithstanding seeing the pressing rundown depicted in this video, you will see precisely what brands and things he decides for his own crisis readiness.

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Days of Survival– James Hunt

Days of Survival

The EMP was only the beginning. Destruction and disarray have crushed the country. The obscure foe who exploded the EMP keeps on unleashing destruction in networks the nation over. Ben Riker, a prepper making due with his loved ones in the North Carolina mountains, is nearer to exposing the adversary and understanding their arrangements. However, Ben will find the foe is more determined than he foreseen as they look for requital against Ben and his family.

American Exodus: a Post-Apocalyptic Journey– JK Franks

American Exodus: a Post-Apocalyptic Journey

I have perused numerous books in this sort and appreciated most, notwithstanding, American Exodus: a Post-Apocalyptic Journey tops them all. It’s another ‘attempting to return home’ story with authentic characters and storyline. It is all around created and told by one of the characters, Steve, a proprietor of Ford businesses in the south. He is wealthy, lives in an elite area, and can have anything he needs. At the point when a sun based flare arrives at Earth, it executes everything electrical/electronic – no vehicles, radios, TV, computers…everything Steve relied upon for endurance. Presently, at a show a few hundred miles away, he discovers that he isn’t set up to get by in this Apocalypse yet will offer anything to get back home to his significant other and mentally unbalanced child. Chances are extremely high that he’ll never make it.

During the principal day after the occasion, Steve meets with a sole survivor in the lodging and goes along with him in the bar for drinks. Steve shares a couple and gains from the old Australian man what may have occurred. He additionally offers Steve some stable guidance that saves him during the underlying piece of his excursion. He has a few hundred miles to cover in arriving at home and meets different kinds of individuals in transit; and before long accomplices up with another man and adolescent vagrant kid who consent to assist him with returning home. The man professes to have worked for the public authority yet he is amazingly brilliant and has solid ingrained instincts. Enroute, both Steve and the kid gain from this individual and readers can see them both develop during this excursion.

A side story likewise happens in the public authority and a replacement is named the new leader of the U.S. Nonetheless, she should comply with a content that others have introduced to her or…

Meandering groups of outfitted individuals are out savaging and murdering honest individuals to take what they have. Equipped troopers, hired soldiers, were additionally crowding regular citizens from their homes and into detention camps for their own wellbeing; they’re guaranteed that the public authority will deal with them, however for what reason do many accept they’re similar to Nazi inhumane imprisonments? The new presidents’ bureau likewise advise her that Europe and Asia are completely immersed with an infection that doesn’t have a fix. Also, some military gatherings won’t recognize the new president and denounce any kind of authority. Was this arranged?

American Exodus can be an independent novel – I didn’t peruse any of different books in the arrangement and felt agreeable in perusing this one. The completion leaves it ready for another portion, yet I was happy with it as it was. In the event that another continuation turns out later on, I will doubtlessly make a special effort to understand it. The writer has a great flare for carrying readers into the story…and many make certain to gain from it as I did. Strongly suggested!

One Second After (A John Matherson Novel, 1) – Willliam R. Forstchen

One Second After

A dystopian spine chiller of the delayed consequences in the United States after an alarming psychological militant assault utilizing electromagnetic heartbeat weapons.

New York Times top rated creator William R. Forstchen presently presents to us a story which can be all around very frighteningly real…a story in which one man battles to save his family and his little North Carolina town after America loses a battle, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages…A war dependent on a weapon, an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). A weapon that may as of now be in the possession of our foes.

Months before distribution, One Second After has just been referred to on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should peruse, a book previously being examined in the hallways of the Pentagon as a genuinely reasonable glance at a weapon and its wonderful ability to crush the whole United States, in a real sense inside one second. It is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal cautions could break America. In the custom of On the Beach, Fail Safe and Testament, this book, set in a normal American town, is a critical admonition of what may be our future…and our end.

Cascadia Fallen: Order Divested– Austin Chambers

Cascadia Fallen - Order Divested

This is the main whole-world destroying story I’ve perused that was definitely not an around the world, or possibly a nation wide, calamity. The breakdown happens basically in Washington state but is shockingly decimating. Taking a gander at Katrina and New Orleans it appears to be very practical. I’m helped to remember Katrina police going house to house taking weapons, a brilliant motivation to contradict firearm enrollment. It’s harder for the public authority to take weapons they don’t think about. I’ve experienced a few brief falls on a nearby level and I’ve discovered that: 1. individuals quickly desert cultural standards 2. whatever provisions you have close by are altogether that you will have for a spell, and in particular 3. the public authority won’t save or help you. Indeed, the public authority (the police and conceivably the National Guard) will be exclusively worried about demobilization and affirming their control. Additionally they will take any food or different supplies they situate in your vehicle or home (they call it storing), keeping up that they will convey supplies on a case by case basis and controlled by them. Also, another exercise, totally don’t, under any situation, go into a FEMA or other government run office. In the event that you do you will basically turn into a vulnerable detainee. In the event that you thought things were terrible, you will find that things can deteriorate in a camp. Stay equipped, stay alert, stay free!

Edge of Collapse: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller – Kayla Stone

Edge of Collapse: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

Kyla Stone’s ‘Edge of Collapse’ is a high speed and, in a real sense, one of the best books on post apocalypse, SHTF, bug out, prepper and EMP Grid Down Survival on the market today! Similarly as with all her different books, her characters are abrasive, genuine and absolutely acceptable. The circumstance is ‘your most exceedingly terrible bad dream’ situation as the principle characters attempt to endure the delayed consequences of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) taking out all PCs and hardware. There is no power, clean water, transport (other than old innovation), or correspondences. Add in with the general mish-mash a champion who has been detained by a crazed maniac for a very long time, Hannah Sheridan, who unexpectedly discovers she is free and should escape before her captor chases her down, and you have an amazingly energizing story.

ONE MINUTE | Nuclear E.M.P. explained

Getting Out: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (The EMP) – Ryan Westfield

Getting Out: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (The EMP)

Do you have the stuff to endure (Fieldcraft Survival – Pillars of Preparedness: Mindset)? The EMP hits.

The lights go out and quiet thunders. Society is near the precarious edge of brutal bedlam. The best way to endure is to get out, away from the urban communities and into the wild. Max is an office laborer with some stuff and an arrangement. He’s one of the first to understand the implicit threats. A couple of years back, he acquired an old farmhouse. He will probably get to it as quick as could really be expected and dugout down. He believes he’s prepared, however he rapidly finds that there’s a whole other world to making due than simply having the correct stuff. Mandy is a server with the three day weekend work. Seemingly an ordinary blackout rapidly turns startling. Her serene town is not, at this point the home she once knew. She’s offered an exit plan, yet would she be able to placed her trust in an ideal outsider? Georgia is a single parent who simply needs to guard his two adolescent children. She drives a pickup and loves chasing. She has abilities that could keep her family alive, however would she say she is prepared to settle on last chance choices instantly? Do Max, Mandy, and Georgia have the stuff to defeated the unforeseen? All things considered, even all that laid plans can miss the mark. Getting Out is book 1 of The EMP, a dystopian endurance spine chiller arrangement. It manages genuine individuals battling for their endurance every last bit of the way.

Lucifer’s Hammer: A Novel

A comet is fundamentally a gathering of space rocks with a vaporous tail. The issue is that the space rocks can be as large as mountains or significantly greater. This is an extraordinary anecdote around one smashing onto Earth. The story is at first set in southern California with an accentuation on the Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank-Tujunga territory and the San Fernando Valley. It at that point movements to the lower regions at the eastern edge of the San Joaquin Valley after the comet strikes. It happens during the 1970s when pocket mini-computers were the most recent innovative development alongside advanced watches.

At the point when the comet hits, the Los Angeles Basin is crushed by a tsunami and a large part of the remainder of the world is additionally obliterated. Survivors in the lower region territories of Los Angeles attempt to get away and it is fundamentally every man for himself. A couple of make it to Silver Valley, a little valley at the edge of the monster San Joaquin Valley, and pull together at a farm claimed by a California congressperson.

Out of nowhere society returns to a whole lot sooner stage were every day endurance is at a higher cost than normal. The main occupations for men are presently rancher and fighter, with the majority of them doing both. While a few ladies help with protection, their principle occupations are housewife and mother. Nobody at first knows whether they can endure the coming winter. Then a pack of dark crooks from Los Angeles and a maverick armed force unit working in the valley connect to threaten the zone. The neighborhood ranchers and the survivors at the farm collaborate to restrict them. The fate of what’s left in California remains in a critical state.

Dark Days of the After: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller – Ryan Schow

Dark Days of the After: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

This is splendidly composed and a sincerely arresting show-stopper! Discourse that feels crude and genuine, streams effectively and normally paying little mind to the scene. Very nearly a melodic/beautiful sort stream. The activity is almost consistent and I oftentimes wound up tense while perusing. There’s likewise a dim sensor of humor fittingly positioned. Activity is depicted in non-aggressor ways (no remembering of abbreviations) and the characters don’t have abilities supposedly acquired at Ranger school for regular citizens. Talking about characters, they were not difficult to recollect through the enthusiastic associations you made with them and I didn’t need to effectively attempt to recall that anybody. Generally, the primary characters are really acceptable as regular individuals, not the individuals who went through their time on earth income as preppers for all intents and purposes energized for SHTF. There’s even genuine sexual communication between characters, not sensationalized as end of the world happiness, that I found as a charming piece of the story and fundamental for the associations we readers make with the characters.

This current writer’s voice is not quite the same as other EOTWAWKI authors. His characters grow rapidly, the pressure and uneasiness is discernible. There are some exemplary George Orwell 1984 minutes, yet that doesn’t lessen the effect of once free Americans currently oppressed, subjugated, beaten and executed frequently for the smallest flash of apparent rebellion. The ladies are extreme, warriors and pioneers, I truly preferred that feature of the story. Logan, the principle male character, is uncertain and fairly conditional in nature.

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Metro Exodus – Uncovered

Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first individual shooter from 4A Games that mixes lethal battle and secrecy with investigation and endurance ghastliness in quite possibly the most vivid game universes ever made.

Escape the broke remnants of dead Moscow and leave on an epic, mainland crossing venture across dystopian Russia in the best Metro experience yet.

Investigate the Russian wild in tremendous, non-straight levels and follow an exciting story-line propelled by the books of Dmitry Glukhovsky that traverses a whole year through spring, summer and fall to the profundities of atomic winter.

Escape the broke vestiges of the Moscow Metro and leave on an epic, mainland spreading over excursion across the dystopian Russian wild. Investigate immense, non-straight levels, lose yourself in a vivid, sandbox endurance experience, and follow an exciting story-line.

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