Nalgene Stainless Bottle 38 oz.

Features the Nalgene lifetime warranty
Features same size threads as a nalgene widemouth
Made from durable stainless steel
Rope pack loop/lid attachment
Holds up to 38oz of fluid

The most versatile stainless bottles on the market! The wide mouth opening is great for easy cleaning or filing with ice. It has a standard Nalgene thread pattern and 63 mm opening, which make them compatible with most water filters.The only wide mouth stainless bottles with stainless steel threads making them incredibly durable and good-looking!



For survival/bushcraft/outdoor use, this is the superior bottle in comparison to even Klean Kanteen or the Pathfinder stainless steel bottles.

My setup — Nalgene 38 oz Stainless Steel bottle + Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle + Condor H20 Pouch.
-Nalgene nests perfectly into the Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot
-Also fits perfectly into the Condor H20 Pouch with 2-3 inches of room to spare.

1. Nalgene has a lip that goes around the bottle opening where you can tether the heavy duty black cap, but also enables you to tie cordage or wiring around it for more security, or to even dip your bottle into a water source. i.e. you may not be able to reach a stream/river/well from where you are safely or conveniently.
2. Cleanability – After watching reviews of other bottles that I mentioned above, the Nalgene is welded and manufactured better, with the seam being near the top of the bottle, and being merely a thin crack that’s easily reachable with your fingers or wire brush for cleaning. Other bottles have wider weld seams that are not easily reachable, therefore not easily cleanable.
3. Functionality – You can use it for bushcraft in every which way. Very thick stainless steel single wall, you can boil water in it directly on the fire, and cook out of it if you have to. You can dip it in water via cordage, never lose or drop the cap with the tether, and it’s durable.

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