SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow

Made in the USA in a very limited quantity, the SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow with camo carry bag is the big brother of the SAS Tactical Survival Bow. Designed by experienced engineers who have designed it to withstand many decades of use, this is the fastest deploying compact bow on the market. Like its small brother it stores takedown arrows inside the riser for the perfect compact weapon that you can transport in your bugout bag or other small cargo areas. Note that this bow is 24.3 inches long and is designed for fast deployment and no need for any assembly, so does not fit into one-day packs like its smaller brother the 21″ SAS Tactical Survival Bow. If you need a bow for a small pack then the Tactical Edition is the bow for you. If you don’t mind a longer bow then this Recon Edition will not only deploy faster, but needs no reversal of limbs or removal of pivot pins screws. Technical Info: Bow type – Modern Longbow Draw weight – 45, 50 and 55 pounds at 28″ draw Maximum draw length – 31 inches Bow Length – 63″ (strung), 24.3(inches folded/stored) Brace Height – 7-8 inches recommended depending on your draw length Arrows speed – Up to 200 ft/s for 50 pound version and up to 210 ft/s for 55 pound version String compatibility – B50 Dacron Backpack/storage bag – Camo carry case (pattern may vary from photo shown) with adjustable straps and fully closing storage compartment for string and other accessories. Strung bow weight – 1.1kg (2.4 pounds) Material: The production ready version of the Recon folding survival bow makes use of the finest US and Aerospace materials. Riser and limb holding brackets – Aerospace Grade T6 Aluminium (a premium grade even when compared to aircraft grade T6 aluminium). The material also receives a special surface treatment prior to anodizing in order to make the surface non-reflective. This same surface treatment also allows for a better surface for paint adhesion should you want to employ a camo paint job.


This is a verified purchase review. First and foremost the company CEO was an absolute pleasure to do business with. I’d accidentally ordered the “Tactical” version of their folding bow and upon emailing him attempting to cancel the order to get the “Recon” instead, he did cancel the order, and sent the Recon without charging me for the difference between the two! Furthermore, his responses via email were always prompt and very helpful. Excellent, and I do mean EXCELLENT customer service.

Now onto the bow. I’d done my research on this product for a while prior to buying it (there are many videos about it on YouTube). Its made of a T6 aerospace grade aluminium so its about impossible to break this thing with it’s intended use. After owning it for a week and putting about 250 arrows through it, I have to say I am in love with this product. Its very lightweight, comfortable, sturdy and actually quite intuitive. It’s very easy to setup and quick to deploy. It feels so comfortable in the hands, when i brought it out for a training session I could not seem to put it down. I ended up shooting over 200 arrows through it in one sitting and kept shooting until my fingers finally got tender/numb from charging the string. It was maybe my 3rd time ever using a bow, and for a complete novice I was actually nailing the target after a short time. 10% of the shots were a direct bullseye from between 10-15 yards. By the time I finished that first two hour practice session I was confident in my ability to hit the target shooting fast and ‘instinctively’. If it wasnt for my novice fingers getting swollen I would have been out there all day with this thing. Actually came back out a bit later and put a few more arrows through it despite that. I cannot wait to get back outside with it. This is my first ever bow and I literally couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

When folded down it fits inside my INCH bag, quiver/carry case and all, and holds the three SAS takedown arrows inside the riser (it can store up to 5) allowing for convenient pack up & deployment. This is an incredibly well thought out and engineered product and makes a superb, solid piece of kit for hunting & survival. This thing looks and feels like it is built to last. Worth every penny and then some. Might just get another for the wife since she liked it too. I highly recommend giving this product a shot. You will NOT be disappointed.

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