Stoeger-STR-9 | 9mm Pistol

Stoeger STR-9 | 9mm Pistol

Stoeger 9mm STR-9 Pistol

Stoeger STR-9 | 9mm Pistol

Buying two Stoeger STR-9 handguns (not just one) is a symbolic act of new beginnings and victory.

Two Divorces, Two Balls, Two Handguns. One for each hand.

That I am getting back up again. Plus it is advantageous to have two of the same thing. Two are better than one. Redundancy | Backup | Parts | Dual Operation.

The reason I bought two of the same pistol is because I could. Because it was a short open available window. Because it was hugely symbolic of what was formerly taken, stolen and lost… it is a statement to the world…to myself of conviction, risk and boldness..that…I am back in the game. I am reclaiming what was lost…a double portion to Proceed.

Not one #badass handgun but, in fact, two.

STR-9 Pistol – 1 Magazine, 1 Backstrap -Finish/Stock: Black Synthetic / Synthetic Pistol Grip

Stoeger-STR-9 | 9mm Pistol

>> STR-9 Magazine, 9mm 15 Round <<
>> RECOMMENDED: Stoeger STR-9 Holster

Stoeger brings an earned reputation for durable, dependable shotguns to the world of semiautomatic pistols with the new STR-9. This striker-fired 9mm comes packed with features you'd expect in a pistol costing twice as much. Its integrated rail, internal safety, reversible magazine release, optimized slide serrations, three-dot sight system and enhanced ergonomics deliver consistent performance and comfort.

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